5 Ways Long Tail keywords will Benefit Your SERP rankings

The way your prospective audience will find you is through search query entered in a search engine to find what they want. Website owners depend on search engines using keywords to pull traffic to their site. The closer your keyword is to what the prospective customers are looking for the more you get listed in Search Engine Result Page called SERP ranking. For the success of your appearance in organic search, appearing higher in SERP, you need long tail keywords to tell the search engine what prospective audience wants, closely.

What is Long Tail Keyword?

A “long tail keywords” is a string of multiple words in keyword query that sound much the same way a web searcher would want to make his query in the search engine. As search engines move closer to improving web users experience, the use of long tail keywords become an essential part of holistic SEO tactics to give the user what they want.

Benefits of long tail keywords to a site’s appearance in SERP

  1. Closely related to users’ intention

User conversion happens when you speak their language. A marketer that is unable to resonate with the thinking of his prospective customers will lose the chance to convert them. When users search for products of service they want, the closer the keywords used resonate with traffic query the higher the likelihood of getting listed in SERP ranking. The ultimate objective of SEO is to get your website on the first or top page in SERP when the search engine crawl your site and found long tail keywords that meet users need; your site is algorithmically ranked higher in SERPs. E.g. the keyword – “natural home remedy for brilliant skin” is long tail keywords that will mostly rank well in search engine and lead users closely to what they want.

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Keyword rich content that resonate with target audience

A great benefit of long tail keywords is the opportunity to build amazing keywords rich content that make the content searchable and easily crawled by crawlers. Long tail keywords helps website content creators to create more dynamic content that is sharable and easy to follow by target audience. That you are getting more traffic means you are doing quality SEO and nothing helps quality SEO better than long tail keywords that aptly describes what the prospective audience wants.

  1. More traffic to your site

Imagine you have a local store with proper address and description of what you do and sell in the locality. What do you expect if a stranger walks up to anyone in the community to ask for your kind of product? In this regards, the higher majority of people in your community would point to your shop when customers ask them about what you offer. The same way pr4ospective buyers go to the search engine to ask about what they want, what the search engine does is look at its records of content and brings out the website whose products and service descriptions meet what the buyer wants. This is the essence of SEO activities and you can best describe what you do using the long tail keywords to attract more traffic to your site through SERP rankings

  1. It stands you out in highly competitive niches

If you are in a highly competitive niche, your best chance of getting found it using long tail keywords to tell search engines where you are. Although you may find it tougher, once you established yourself and get your SEO tactics right, the sky is your limit as you will always be available in the top position of SERP ranking.

  1. You can concentrate on your core competence

One great way to benefit from long tail keywords is to focus on your core competence and cut off competition. For instance, ranking for IT services in New York may seem a tough task and get you drown in the ocean of competition, but if you rank for “PCI Compliant expert” in New York will lower your competition and position you before tons of prospective buyers looking for your expertise.

The use of long tail keywords by SEO practitioners is being neglected. Only a few website owners who understand the tremendous gains of using it are taking the bold step. You can learn more about how the concept works and bring it to your website optimization practice to boost your marketability.

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