Once you find the ideal domain name for your website and you are prepared to register that name, reserving it and keeping it safe must be your next step. Those who want to register domains must spend some time determining where the best place to register a domain name is. The so-called registrars must show you that they will take your best interest into account when you choose them.

The research includes a few basic elements that you should take into account. Experts advise finding a registrar that is ICANN accredited. The fact is that there are hundreds if not thousands of website where organizations and individuals can register domain names, but the smartest idea is to stick to the ones that are ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) accredited. This organization has strict rules that every registrar must comply with.

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Next, you should think about the contract and its duration. There is a wide range of multiyear time frames for registering a domain name. Typically, registrants can choose between one, three, five and ten year contracts. Before you make your choice, read the terms and conditions. Take a closer look at the fees and restrictions related to domain name transfers to different registrars or the renewal policy. Don’t forget that in most cases, the registrars won’t let you transfer the domain name in the first two months. In some cases, this period if significantly longer and there are registrars that don’t allow transfers.

The amount you have to pay for a domain name per year is more or less the same in all registrars. However, the additional features and services that you might need come with different prices. Some of these services include domain locking, email forwarding, domain transfers, renewals, DNS management and more. Each of these services comes with a certain fee, but there are registrars that are offering some of these services for free.

There are also many registrars that are providing services that can help your online presentation. For instance, they are offering discounted SEO services, email services, SSL certificates, web design and web hosting and more.

Finally, we should point out that in order to be sure that you’ve selected the best place to register your domain name, you will have to check their customer support. You certainly don’t want to lose visitors and money in case something goes wrong and you can’t reach their customer support.