Selecting a good domain name for your website is a very important thing and experienced website owners know this. The fact is that in case your domain name is weird and difficult to memorize, people won’t visit your website as much as you want and without traffic, your website is doomed. If you want to register domains or a single domain, you should be prepared for a shock – your desired domain name is probably already registered. So, what should someone do in a situation like this? Is it possible to get a domain name that is already registered? The simple answer is YES.

As a matter of fact, people can get registered domain names in a few different ways. For starters, you can use online websites that are focused on selling domain names. These companies are buying domain names and reselling them for a certain fee. The prices depend on the attractiveness of your desired domain name and its extension. Obviously, dot com names are priced higher. If you are planning on using a website like this, make sure that they have a good reputation and that the transactions conducted through their website are secure.

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The next option is to contact the owner directly. In order to find who owns the domain name, you can use ICANN WHOIS website. By entering your desired domain name, you will get detailed information about the registrant and even about the registrar. Things like home/office address, full personal name or organization name, phone number and email address are available to the public unless the registrant has paid the registrar to hide this information. So, if you have this information just contact them and ask them whether they want to sell the domain name to you.

There is another option that has proven to be effective. Namely, more and more people are using the help of professional brokers. These professionals know how to negotiate with the current owner of the domain name you want. They are a neutral 3rd party that works in the best interests of both sides. While it is true that hiring a broker means that you should be prepared for additional costs, it is also true that these professionals know their job. If you have no experience in this field, they can be very helpful.

Hopefully, these tips will help you get a domain name that is already registered by another individual/organization.

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